Don’t wait for the ship to come, swim towards it & let's turn YOUR ideas into results!

Overwhelmed by sorting through the offer of coaches, certifications, programs out there?

We provide you with a one stop solution and your dedicated program manager to:

• Find and pre select qualified and certified expert coaches for your needs to choose from, internationally with a selection process that goes beyond professional background search
• Match you with an expert coach that fits your objectives and personal preferences - to get coaching results that stick and turn your ideas into results
• Tailor the coaching methods to your and your organizations needs
• Manage the coaching process and all relevant administration
• Track & measure results

CrossCultural experts are multilingual and specialized in:

Executive & business development in an international and intercultural context for new managers and executives to be

International career coaching, dual career situations during expatriation of the parner, career development and change

Women in management positions abroad: specific professional and personal challenges when expatriatiating with or without family

Ex- and repatriation support for expatriates, their partners and children

Coaching during a crisis abroad

Group coaching for international and/or virtual teams

Depending on your needs: Face to face coaching or experts for (virtual) telephone coaching: flexible timing, independent of location and eco-friendly

Additional links/ Cooperations:

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