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Silke Thompson Profile

10 years as an expatriate, in the USA and France, translated into intercultural curiosity!

I gained international and professional experience as an executive in product development and management within worldwide operating textile companies, but realized quickly that I loved working with people internationally, much more than working with product.

Since 2004 I work as:

Business development, sales and assessment expert with 10 years of management experience in multinational companies. trainer & coach for business development, sales, performance management, efficiency & results in collaboration of product development – production - marketing & sales departments, performance team coaching, intercultural & virtual leadership.  

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On a personal note:

Here my answer to the question: " What do you look like when you are really happy?"

I coordinate a team of German speaking coaches, worldwide and coaches from other cultures in Germany, all of them speaking several languages. These coaches not only have in depth knowledge of the local living and working conditions, but also understand the cultural background of their coaching partners. They know business and in addition, they speak their client’s mother tongue and know the challenges of being an expatriate by experience, to best support their clients: "To get things done, internationally!"

I work in German, English and French:

In the intercultural, international business envirionment and the professional continous education of coaches!